Mokin 12 IN 1 USB C Docking Station With 3 Monitors

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Product Features:

  • 120hz Docking Station For Gaming Laptop
  • 100W PD Charging
  • SD & Microsd Card Reader
  • Fast Transmission & Stable Network

Quality Guarantee

10 Years of Innovation & Professional Made


Triple monitors USB C hub allows you outputting single 8K@30HZ, 4K@120HZ or 5K@60HZ monitor, 4K@60HZ and 4K@30HZ dual monitor, 4K@60HZ, 4K@30HZ and 2K@60HZ Triple monitor under DP1.4 protocol.

4k projector

Multiple Monitors Using

  • For Mac Os

Mirror Mode: AA, AAA, AAAA

Extend Mode : AB, ABB, ABBB

  • For Windows

Mirror Mode: AA, AAA, AAAA

Extend Mode: AB, ABC, ABCD

usb a port

USB A Ports

2 x USB A 2.0 Port(Up to 480MB/s) + 1 x USB A 3.1 Port(Up to 10GB/s), We recommend that you use USB A 3.1 port to connect the hard disk, or USB flash disk and USB A 2.0 port to connect wireless mouses or wireless keyboards.

usb c ports

USB C Port

1 x USB C 3.1 Port(Up to 10GB/s) which allows you connecting some devices like phones and tablet computers to transfer data.

sd card reader

SD & Micro SD Slots

1 x SD slot(Up to 250MB/s), 1 x Micro SD slot(Up to 250MB/s), It can quickly read the photos in your camera and transfer them to the laptop.

USB C Charging Port

USB C PD Charging Port

1 x USB C PD charging port support 100W power pass-through. We recommend that you connect the power supply to charge your laptop when using multiple ports.

Ethernet Port

Ethernet Port

1 x Ethernet port (Up to 1GB/s) for network transmission.

Audio & Microphone Jack

Audio & Microphone Jack

1 x 3.5mm Audio & Microphone jack supports 8 channels, sampling rate 192khz/16bit audio output and nondestructive microphone input.