Mokin Displaylink Docking Station 3 Monitors with Power Supply


Need to Install Displaylink;After installing DisplayLink, the USB C docking station can extend 3 monitor with different content. 3 HDMI Docking Station comes with a 120W DC power supply, ensuring that your USB C laptop remains fully charged even while in use;Meet your connectivity needs, including USB C 3.1, USB A 3.1, USB A 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet port, MicroSD and SD slots, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

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Resolution and Refresh Rate

Extend 3 monitor for mac

For Macbook Laptop

with DP1.4 Protocal, HDMI+DisplayLink1+ DisplayLink2 can achieve 4K@60HZ+4K@60HZ+4K@60HZ.

with DP1.2 Protocal, HDMI+DisplayLink1+ DisplayLink2 can achieve 4K@30HZ+4K@60HZ+4K@60HZ.

Extend 3 monitor for windows

For Windows Laptop

with DP1.4 Protocol, HDMI+DisplayLink1+DisplayLink2 can achieve 4K@120HZ+4K@60HZ+4K@60HZ.

with DP1.2 Protocol, HDMI+DisplayLink1+DisplayLink2 can achieve 4K@30HZ+4K@60HZ+4K@60HZ.

Need to Install DispalyLink

Various Ports Meet Your Need

DC power supply

Come with 120W DC Power Supply

Come with a 120W DC power supply, you don't need to spend extra cost to buy a power supply. this docking station will occupy 40W power when working.

Fast Data Transfer

This docking station equipped with USB C 3.1 (10Gbps), USB A 3.1/3.0/2.0 (5Gbps-480Mbps), ethernet (1Gbps) ports, which can meet all your need.

micro sd card reader

Micro SD & SD Slots

Up to 250Mbps. this is great for these people who love to take pictures by camera, it can help your saving your precious pictures to your laptop.

audio jack

Audio & Mic Jack

The Audio Jack supports 3.5mm, this is great for those who enjoy playing games on laptops, allowing you to fully enjoy the game.