USB-C hubs, Macbook hubs and Docking stations—— Expand your PC or MacBook’s ports and functionalities.They offer almost same functions, but different type have different size,appropriateness of use, and price.

1.USB-C hub

The USB-C hub is like a bridge,mainly used to expand the number of ports on your laptop, help you do more with your laptop.

2.Macbook Hub

MacBooks are particularly notorious for not having enough ports. Apart from two USB-C ports and maybe an HDMI port, you can hardly find any other to connect external hardware – not even a flash drive! So you need to select adapt the ports for them.

3.Docking Station

Docking Station transforms portable devices like laptops and iPads into a full-blown desktop replacement. Unlike USB-C hubs, they do not derive their power from your devices but are plugged independently into wall sockets from where they charge your laptop and external hardware. It meet the needs of a resource - intensive situation.